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Sander vitreus

State of Ohio Record
15.95 pounds, 33 inches

World Record
22 pounds

Average Size
2-4 pounds, 14-22 inches

The walleye resembles the sauger and saugeye with its long slender body. Sharp canine teeth fill the mouth of the walleye. They have large dark eyes which are above and to the front of the muscular cheeks. The olive-yellow color of the walleye shines with the sun and is more of a brownish-olive color without the sun. White spots are at the bottom edge of the tail fin.

Walleye are found over reefs, shoals of gravel, bedrock, and other firm bottoms. Most walleye are found in deep waters, while others have found many walleye fishing in the shallow weeds near a drop-off.

When water temperature gets between 40 and 50 F walleye will spawn usually in April. The female lay as many as 40,000 eggs that will hatch in about 10 days. Eggs are deposited in tributary streams or over gravel to boulder-sized rocks in reef areas. Many young walleye will feed on zooplankton and insect larvae until they start to feed on small fish after their first year. Adult walleye will feed on shad, rainbow smelt, shiners, and whatever else is available. 

Fishing License
Ohio Fishing License
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Fishing Lake Maps
Berlin Lake
3321 Acres
Lake Milton
1641 Acres
Mosquito Lake
6550 Acres
Portage Lakes
1183 Acres
Pymatuning Lake
14650 Acres


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When walleye are feeding they will hit a variety of lures. Trolling with spoons, crankbaits, and worm harnesses is probably the most popular fishing method for catching walleye.

Some say the main key to catching walleye is finding them. Many walleye are found in deep waters with flat bottoms while some remain in shallow waters weeds near a drop off. Feeding usually occurs in low light conditions such as dawn and dusk.

Make sure you have the proper equipment when trolling for walleye. A variety of spoons, crankbaits, and worm harnesses are a must. A good GPS navigation system and fish finder will help locate the schools of walleye.

Remember presentation is everything so if your lure is not working properly then it is not going to catch the fish. Don't be afraid to slow your trolling speed for inactive walleye or speed it up for the more active ones.  Everyday is not the same for walleye so keep an open mind when trying to get walleye to bite and when you find out what they are biting then present that lure more and fish at that depth with other lines. Use your GPS navigation system to take note of the coordinates where you caught the walleye for that day and you may try fishing over that same spot.

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